15 tips you should follow to become a great radio presenter.

A radio presenter/Radio Dj is a person who links records on the radio and also speak the words he or she may think his listeners will fall in love with them and also like the.
Many people including you who is reading this may like to one day  join the radio course or you have a friend or a relative with the talent of being a radio presenter.
It doesn’t matter the level of education you’re, it doesn’t matter the age, gender or even you’re size, what matters in radio it’s talent.
When you get a chance of listening to stories of the most prominent radio presenters in Uganda and the whole world you will discover that the biggest number didn’t even first go to an institute to study radio but rather used their talents to become great presenters.
At Fremer media we have collected some information about Radio DJs from different media personalities and here are the 15 tips you should follow to become a great Radio presenter.

15 tips you should follow to become the best radio presenter
1. Be more updated
It’s easy for listeners to become disconnected if they don’t feel they can relate to the voice on the other side of the radio. Countering this ties into your ability to interact with listeners as a community; sometimes it’s not enough to focus entirely on your own life. It means understanding and appealing to your audience’s interests and frustrations. If your audience is into the latest TV s how, watch it, if they’re complaining about traffic in the city centre, find out more about it.

2. Script your show
In order to do the best show always script your show in time at least spend an hour before your show while drafting it, this will make it simple for you to be able to utilize the given time, for example if your show is for 2 hours try to script how you’re going to utilize them without leaving any minute.

3. Don’t worry be happy
When you’re on air don’t panic about anything, just put on a smile and avoid faking it, you have to feel free and be like you’re talking to a friend.


4.  Don’t be offensive
No listener will give you time if you sound offensive they will eventually tune in to another radio station with presenters who have discipline.

5. Always laugh at yourself.
It might seem to be funny and crazy but if you’re talking on air and your intention is to make one laugh my friend learn to laugh at yourself because what you do on air is exactly what your listener will be doing.

6. Be social media savy
Yes, you can do your show while on social media, it can help you to be more updated and also get some jokes which you can use in your show.

7. Appreciate listeners.
Always show your gratitude to the listeners, thank them for listening to your show.

8. Listen back to your show
You can record yourself while on air and listen to it after doing it this will make you realize where you gone wrong so that you can correct it and not doing the same mistake again next time, always remember that if you get bored while listening to your very own show just get in mind that your show is very boring to your listener.

9. Promote your fellow presenters.
Your listener is always waiting for you to tell him or her what is coming next after your show, this means that you have to introduce in what is coming next, like “Ladies and gentlemen thank you for tuning in to this show but remember that after this show my friend Nyanzi Live is coming in with another beautiful program keep locked in this channel’ that’s enough.

10. Listen to other shows
It might be a different radio station or even your own radio station, take time and listen to their shows this will give you some new Technics and ideas.

11. Get networking.
Always connect and talk to older presenters who have experience so that they can teach you how to do a good show.

12. Engage with your listener
You can engage with your listener through introducing a topic to discuss,
once they call in, it makes them feel like they are part of the show and hence maintaining the listenership

13. Always pre – read   your scripts
To avoid looking unprofessional, always take time and go through your scripts before going on air, this will help you to avoid making mistakes.

14. Learn to be your own technician
Get to know how to assemble some instruments in the studio and also be able to handle different things at the same time.

15.  Learn your audience.
Get to know what your audience like to hear, you should task yourself to learn your audience and also get a way of keeping it.
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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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