Dr.Diana Atwine has hailed the role played by frontline workers in the fight against Coronavirus in Uganda.

The Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Dr.Diana Atwine has hailed the role played by frontline workers in the fight against Coronavirus in Uganda.

Lancet Commission data released early this week ranked Uganda as the best country in Africa in suppressing the Covid-19 pandemic in the month of August, Raking 10th among 91 countries analysed, Uganda emerged the best on the continent.


Commenting about the same, Dr.Diana Atwine said the rank is something to be proud of as a country.

“These are efforts to be proud of. Special thanks to all our frontline health workers. We are doing well,” the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary posted on her social media accounts.

Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, New Zealand were among the other countries in the Top 10 with Uganda.

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Other African countries that made it to the list include Togo, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

“Communicating bad news is a difficult task but we constantly had to get out even when it meant risking demoralizing the nation but we have a duty to communicate with transparency. That has proved the vital antidote to this risk,” Dr. Diana Atwine said recently.

Uganda currently has 7218 cumulative Coronavirus cases and 3611 of these have fully recovered and discharged from various hospitals throughout the country whereas 71 of these have died.


SOURCE: Nile Post

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