5 reasons why Bobi Wine had to take his family out of the country.

Presidential candidate and as well as the party president of the National Unity Platform Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has taken his children out of the country as the country draw closer to the general elections.

Bobi Wine might have his own reasons as to why he has took his children out of the country but a specialist whom didn’t what his names to be published, basing on his opinion he has gave us 5 reasons why Bobi Wine had to move his family.

Although different people including high profile people have come out and criticised the ghetto gladiator for taking his family out of the country clamming that he wants to protect his family as he prepare to cause chaos after elections, this might be wrong and here are the reasons why Bobi Wine had to take his family out.

1. Protection

It is always necessary for every parent to protect his or her own children and this is what the ghetto gladiator did. Before considering joining politics Bobi Wine is a kind of a person who put his family first, he is supposed to protect his children from any danger which can rise after or before elections.

2. Bobi Wine is hated.

The first family have much anger towards the NUP president and because they’re the ones who owns power it becomes much easier to cause any danger to his family.

3. They are still young.

Non of Bobi Wine’s child is eligible to vote so it was mandatory for him to take them out as he might be busy on the day of elections.

4. History determines it.

While still in the bush, Museveni’s family was out of the country during the war which brought him in power so because Bobi Wine might be unsecure about the life of his children he can choose taking them to a safe place.

5. Holiday

Because they have seen more of the regime brutality, Bobi can choose to take them for a holiday and have a rest as he prepare for the big sit.

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