5 secrets you didn’t know about Bobi Wine that will shock you.

Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine one of the presidential candidate who is willing to take on the big sit of this country and also to end the 34 years Museveni regime, He is a musician and as well as a leader.

If you’re not very keen when you meet him in person you will fail to get to know the 5 secrets about Bobi Kyagulanyi and our team at Fremer media have collected the whole information about him as listed below.

5 things which you didn’t knew about Bobi Wine

1. Bobi Wine has a strong memory.

It might sound normal to you because anyone can remember different things in his or her daily life but this s not the same case with Bobi Wine, it’s hardly for him to forget, one of his men who whom he worked with during the Kyadondo East campaigns identified as Robert Zida told us that Bobi Wine’s strongest weapon is his memory, “even if you find him today and over 10 years passes, when you meet him again he can remember your name and everything which you talked with him after a decade’ Zida told our reporter.

Bobi Wine

2. Bobi Wine never wanted to be a politician.

During his early days, the only thing Bobi Wine hated most was politics don’t be surprised for him to call himself a leader, He never wanted politics before and on different occasions he has been saying it, even in his song ghetto he said “Kati kanjogere kulwomuntu wawansi nze Siri munabyabufuzi era sironda” meaning that He is not a politician and also he doesn’t vote.

Bobi Wine

3. Bobi Wine can prophesies.

Bobi Wine was gifted by the powers of being able to prophesies, He can see things from far even when their time hasn’t reached. Let’s start with his song “Time boom’ this song is one of the things which he used to project what will happen if the people of in power doesn’t change the then status quo. As he used to say that if the parliament doesn’t come to the Ghetto, then the ghetto will come to parliament, in this song he prophesied that the ghetto will one day go to the parliament and this is seen at the end of the video. When his music shows were blocked he told his fellow artists to raise their voices for him to be free and of which they refused, this time he said ” As Martin Luther King Jr said Injustice anywhere is a threat to justices everywhere, you fellow artists you have failed to fight with me for my shows to be free but time will come for you to and you will rwalrea that no one is safe in this country” am sure that you can see it with your own eyes as artists continue to demand for free thier shows. In 2017 after winning the Kyadondo East by-elections, he told his wife Barbie that one day he will make her the first lady of this country, who knows!?

4. Bobi Wine is so welcoming

If you haven’t met Bobi Wine before use this chance to meet him, he is very welcoming and he doesn’t chose who to be welcomed or not, he welcome everyone the rich and the poor and this could be one of the reasons to why he is welcomed by every class.

5. Bobi Wine respect all Ugandan cultures.

Even though he was born a Muganda, Bobi Wine recognizes and respect every culture, and this is why I every region in Uganda, the people  from different tribes have been welcoming him and he has been making different rituals for every tribe which he goes to.

  1. Bobi Wine

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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