5 things a lady should do to change the financial status of the family.

Every man needs a wife whom they can work together with the same goal of changing the financial status of the family, as a lady you have to play a very much important role to achieve this and here we bring you the 5 things a lady should do to change the financial status of the family

1. Budgeting
It’s upon you the lady to make plans for the family, you could be the reason to why your husband is poor yet he work everyday, you have to make a family budget, record the income and the expenditure, analyse the budget and find a way to control the high expenses by looking at what takes the biggest percentage of the family income and find a way to reduce it .

2. Advising
Men needs your advice, yes, even though he pretends not to take your words serious, he needs them, it’s your role to advise your husband on how he should manage the family income, and how he should manage the family business. You sometimes gets free time, you should use it to think on how  you can change the status quo of the family by getting in more new ideas even if he tends not to listen to you don’t give up men needs advise.


3. Controlling the expenditure
As a woman, you own full control on the family income, don’t be a lazy woman, and don’t just think about expending whatever comes into the family accounts, remember you and your husband you have a child(Ren) so it’s upon you to control the expenditure and save money.

4. Create a side hustle
Don’t be just a mere house wife, be a working lady, be creative find a way of starting up a side hustle, you can request the capital from your husband or even save on a daily basis from the remaining balance of the daily family expenses, this will help the family to increase on the income by doubling it.


5. Engage in the jobs which brings money to the family.
Don’t leave the work for your husband, yes he can do it himself but remember no man is an island, try help him by engaging yourself in the jobs that bring money to the family,  it will be the easiest way to help the family double the income.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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