6 steps you should follow to become rich in 2021!.

Everyone’s dream is to become rich, own a big number of assets including cars, a beautiful house and leave a luxury kind of life, but this can not come on it’s own, it doesn’t just come in one day, it takes time to reach it, you need to use a certain strategy to achieve it. And here we bring you the first five things you need to follow to become rich.

1. Take actions.
You don’t just think about something and leave it to work on it’s own that’s magic, when you set up the goals you have to think on how to rich it and always take actions because no one is ready to do it for you.

2. Wake up early.
Every human being has 24 hours a day but have you ever asked yourself how do those billionaires do it and how did they become what they are? it’s simple they just reduced on the time they sleep. It’s advisory for every normal human being to sleep at least four and a half hours a day, you should at least consider waking up very early maybe 3 hours before you go for work. Waking up at 5am doesn’t just make you ready for the day but also helps you to do some additional work for your hustle and you utilities the remaining hours of the day to do other resourceful things.

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3. Never depend on one source of income.
What makes some people poor is that they only focus on one source of income, this is very wrong and it will forever be, even if you’re employed by someone you have to find a way of getting a side hustle, depending on one source of income put you at risk and even makes you to work in fear if in anyway that source of income collapse how will you survive? the best example was for last year when the government banned some businesses because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which lesson did you learn from there?  people who are determined to become rich will never focus on one source of income.

4. Believe in yourself.
One of the billionaires in Uganda and a politician Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine is a good example of the people who believe in themselves, he was a very poor guy but because he believed in himself he became rich at a very tender age, and many more billionaires will always have that thing in common “They believe in themselves, Why not you?”.

5. Record daily expenses.
There is a saying that those who always focus on what they spend they will never become rich but the most funniest things is that the one who says it is the most poor.
Record everything on a daily basis, and analyse your budget on either a weekly or monthly basis in order to realize where you spend much so that you get a way of reducing the expense and start saving that money

6. Think of becoming an investor rather than an employee.
You should always scratch your head on how to think big, think on becoming a landlord instead of being a tenant, think of owning a business than having a job and so many examples, don’t try to limit yourself, because you have got all the possibilities to do everything but believe me you’re still stuck somewhere because of that very thing which has come into your mind, free your mindset.
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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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