Abdul Naseeb Juma alias Diamond Platinumz, also known as Chibu Dangote life, networthy, love life and career.

Diamond Platnumz is one of Africa’s Leading and most Influential Artist. He is a Bongo Flava recording artist and singer from Tanzania. He is best known for several hit songs including ‘Nataka Kulewa” ,Nenda Kamwambie, Number one, The one, Salome among many others.

He was born on 2nd October 1989 and raised in Tandale the Western Part of Tanzania .One among 4 children, they were born to Mzee Abdul Juma and Bi. Sanura Kasimu. His siblings are Queen Darleen ,Esma Platinumz and Romeo Abdul Jones.

He went to Tandale Magharibi for his primary school education from 1996-2002.He later joined secondary school that he finished in 2006.

Music career

In 2007, Diamond Platinumz showed interest in music with the support of his mother.He started of by doing song covers of other artists.His mother bought him albums from other artists as means of learning to write music.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

She also took him to music shows and auditions as means of trying to get funds for studio sessions but due to financial constraints he fell out of it most times. However Diamond did not give up.


Thanks to his mothers support Diamond has had a successful career since 2009 after his break through song of ‘Nenda Kamwambie’.


In the song it was a reflection of the rejection he got from his first girlfriend who ditched his with the excuse of not dating a man with no money and future. Typical huh!!


After that, you can definitely say that Diamond became an international sensation that is not going anywhere anytime soon.


As his career picked up the Tanzanian singer bagged 22 awards and 22 nominations among them,Best Male Writer, Best Male Artist, Best Song Writer and Best Male Entertainer of the Year.

He is the founder and the President of WCB Wasafi records.In the label he signed several artists that have clearly not been a let down in the East African Music scene if not Africa.

Love life

On this side of life Diamond has displayed his urge in women which clearly is high.After the poverty ended relationship, Diamond was said to have dated Tanzanian Actress Wema Sepetu for a while and to some it was believed that the two were soulmates. Unfortunately things ended and they went their separate ways.

Before long, in late 2014 rumors of Diamond Platinumz and renowned South Africa based Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan emerged. However, the two denied the allegations but months later Diamond Platinumz announced on Instagram the birth of their Daughter Princess Latiffah Dangote. They were happy together.

This went on then came their second child Prince Nillan amidst allegations that Diamond platinumz did not want the second child.Reason? still not clear

Few months later after the release of the ‘Salome” hit that featured Rayvanny. The featuring Model Hamisa Mobeto is said to have been sleeping Diamond Platinumz and together they had a son named baby Daylan.

A son Zari accepted and said that Diamond had to own up to his mistakes and be a father to his son.

As at now Diamond’s sexual escapades could not be missed by social media and that would describe his love life.As it is he is now dating Kenyan Radio presenter and musician Tanasha Oketch.


After years of of great success in the music industry, Diamond Platinumz could be one of the highest earning artists in East Africa.According to the artiste, he is worth a whopping $4.5 million (Kshs. 460 million), earning him a position as one of the most affluent artistes on the continent.

This amount has been earned from his top-selling ringtones, expensive concerts, tours, royalties, and brand ambassadorial deals.

He also earns from endorsements from some of the largest companies in the world such as Vodacom, Red Gold, DSTV, and Coca-Cola.


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