After Diamond Platinum Real Father revealed, Zari Hassan Renames Tiffah

Ugandan known business woman Zari Hassan, famously know as Zari the Bosslady has wasted no time, and changed her only daughter’s name from Tiffah Dangote to Tiffah Nanyange, hours after Diamond real father was revealed to be Nyange.

Diamond Platnumz and Tiffah
Diamond Platnumz and Tiffah

Yesterday, Tanzanians and the world world at large were shocked after Sanura Kassim, Diamond Platnumz mother unveiled Diamond’s real father. Diamond’s mother revealed the shocking details during a phone call interview with one of Tanzanian radio station.

Sanura Kasim insisted that Diamond’s real father is ‘Mzee’ nyange, and not ‘Mzee’ Abdul Juma, as the public knows. ‘Mzee’ Abdul Juma during an interview moments after the ‘truth’ was out, stated that he will no longer associate himself with Diamond Platnumz as he is no longer his father. Abdul Juma further disclosed to the media that he was finally happy, as he always wanted closure on why his own son never helped him.

This morning, Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz first baby mother has taken to her daughter’s instagram account and posted a photo of Tiffah and her father with the caption “Papa Nyange and Nanyage”.

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Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz have been seen closer than in the past in terms of their co-parenting. Late last year, Zari travelled to Tanzania in oder to co-oparent with his ex-boyfriend Diamond.

This is the alledged real father of Diamond Platnumz. What do you think of Zari’s decision to change her daughter’s name? Share with us your opinions in the comment sections.

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