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Airtel declares 95% cut on calls across Africa and Asia

Telecom  giants Airtel have announced a 95% reduction on all calls across Africa and Asia to ease the cost of communication for travelers and keep people seamlessly connected.

According to the company all travelers, and roaming customers within the one network will enjoy increased data resources on their roaming bufflehead at affordable rates.

Ms Kyomuhendo Jacqueline the head of voice at Airtel reported that customers using the pay go retail tariff and the daily and weekly one Airtel roaming bufflehead will be able to make calls across Africa and Asia for as low as Shs 250.

She further said that with the increase in the use of online communication roaming data package, the weekly huddle for example will now see customers get 1.5GB for as low as Shs 10,000 and 10GB for Shs 55000 valid for a month so as to allow more digital communication like Whats App, Zoom and Microsoft teams.

As more travel restrictions continue to ease across the region and the world more people are traveling for business, leisure and other personal reasons were by creating more opportunities for telecom companies to innovate products supporting people to communicate effectively.

According to the Uganda Communications Communication market performance reported domestic networks serviced a total of 3.4 million visiting roomers from partner networks .

However this performance translates into 1.2 million jump in the inbound roam era and a 100,000 increase in outbound roam era in the last two quarters.

Kyomuhendo further said that roaming buddies and tariffs for calls should remain reasonably affordable for any Airtel customer traveling and choosing to continue using their Airtel SIM card  within the Airtel one network footprint.

However Airtel Uganda takes pride in innovation and introducing products plus services that tend to relate the current trend in the Ugandan market and beyond and with over 500 roaming partners worldwide, we believe that our customers will enjoy seamless internet and calls at affordable rates with the same home SIM card while traveling,’ said Kyomuhendo.

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