Am statesman who believes in democracy rather than violence, Nobert Mao

Politics in Uganda currently seems to be rotating around the interpretation of the word change by the rulling party National Resistance Movement (NRM),as well as the opposition parties belonging to banned A4C (Activitists for change) ,a political pressure group trying to end president Museveni’s reign of terror.

Nobert Mao

Nobert Mao said he will still run for president in 2026 regardless of his poor results in all the presidential polls he has been a candidate.

Mao’s remarks followed president Museveni’s address urging the people of Uganda to go back to work because the time for elections are over.

Mao said he is a statesman who believes in democracy rather than violence as groups prefer.

” I am a lawyer and therefore I respect the law. Am coming back in 2026 because I know one day the election will bring the change we want,”He said.

The former presidential candidate says that the repression and coronavirus prevention measures restricted the presidential hopefuls attempts to get their messages out with police aiming to physically block them from campaigning.

Ahead of Uganda’s January 14 elections, president Museveni’s government continues to limit the opposition’s voices by blocking campaigning,enabling an environment that cannot facilitate a fair and free vote, according to rights groups.

Mao added that the poor performance of the opposition is because they are not United especially when some parties think they are bigger than others and therefore think they can just drag their counterparts into ideologies they don’t believe in.

The presidential candidate further stated that Uganda has not undergone a peaceful handover of power since the overthrow of the governments of Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada by coups which led to consequences toppling of power by the National Resistance Army (NRA),now the National Resistance Movement (NRM) led by General Museveni.

“The reason for the election was to see that Uganda witnesses what it has never witnessed before, and that is a change if government without bloodshed,”Mao added.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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