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Are consumers feeling the pinch of rising sugar prices?

The treading skyrocketing prices of most essential goods haven’t spared sugar whose price has now led to a trickle-down effect on consumption patterns.

However  some traders have come up with Strategies to keep their business afloat while at the Same time maintaining their clientele.

Ms Vivian Namukasa who operates a restaurant in Masaka feared the rising sugar could kick her out the business and asked clients demanding more than three spoons of sugar to pay an addition of Shs 200.

Some of the residents we interacted with told us that they now prefer sugarless tea arguing that tea now goes for Shs 1500 up from Shs 1000  because of the price of sugar.

Me Zainab Cenia a tea seller in Yumbe claimed that they used to sell a cup of tea at Shs 500 but due to the rising prices of sugar tea ranges from Shs 700 to Shs 1000 depending on the size of the cup

In Adjumani town a kilo of sugar goes for Shs 6000 up from Shs 4000 while in other areas like Nebbi a kilo of sugar was increased from Shs 4500 to Shs 6000.

Mr Kirangwa a trader in Kampala Central market said much as sugar compliments their sales they are most likely being forced to abandon the product with the escalating prices  while other traders cited that they are buying limited stock to avoid losses in case the prices drops.

According to Ms Clare Nabayunga the proprietor of DK General Traders on Horbert Street in Masaka city says prices have been rising over the past three months and a 50kg bag which would go for Shs 160000 currently costs between Shs230,000 and Shs 240,000 she further says that the suppliers have been telling them that the factory gate price has increased and there is scarcity of cane which affects production according to some reports

According to Mr Jim Kabeho the chairman of Uganda Sugar Manufacturer’s Association cited that sugar prices are high due to poor quality of sugarcane  and that even with the sharp fuel prices especially diesel which is currently selling at Shs 6,000 up from Shs 3,000 all have contributed to the high price of sugar.

He further added that most the materials they put in the production of sugar have gone up, cane prices have Sloan’s factories are working at half capacity

Mr Ojwang Abu Baker the the chairperson of Busoga Sugar Cane out growers  Association added that a tone of sugarcane in Busoga costs between Shs 162,000 and Shs 175,000 adding that short of cane has forced prices to sharpen to Shs 175,000 from Shs 96,000 and he further concluded that when there is demand for any commodity its prices automatically increase and this affects the last consumer

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