Asan Kasingye on Manchester United signing Cristiano Ronaldo

Uganda’s Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye has sparked mixed reactions after hitting out at Manchester United over the handling of re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Red Devils concluded their summer by bringing back their former player, Ronaldo from Juventus.

The police boss has noted that Manchester United is behaving as Ronaldo is arriving for the first time.
According to him, the hype around the player since he arrived is too much.

“The way you are announcing him….as if he never played for you!” he posted while reacting to a video United had posted.

Manchester had posted a video showing Ronaldo’s freekick taking pose to remind their fans to expect the same in few days.

The police boss’s reaction has received mixed reactions from netizens, with some saying he is only feeling jealous as an Arsenal fan.
Have a look at their reactions:
@BakaraIsa5: When you support a weak club you start giving attention to big clubs than your club

@_BIbrahim: As if they are not going to lose any Game

@SafarShyaka: You know right, am a Manchester United fan but am tired, imagine if he scores only two penalty goals the whole season

@JanTibenderana: the way Uganda government announced the renewal of Uganda airlines,,, as if it had never existed

@KeitaAndre1: I know arsenal fans have the best comments on him. you should be scared cause you know you have no scary signing in your team #arsenal

@khareemduran: U also go and bring Gervinho. Let them do whatever they. Afande let me hope I won’t get arrested for offensive communication

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