Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

Germany is charging China £130billions for COVID-19

The invoice which was issued by the Bild, Germany’s largest Newspaper enlisted the following revenue losses claimed to have been caused by the pandemic....

Kanye West Is Officially a Billionaire—Here’s the Breakdown, According to Forbes

According to the outlet, the multi-hyphenate recently provided documents that is believed to be an "authentic numeric look into Kanye, Inc." After analyzing his...

Buganda Masaza Cup 2020 to start in June, Bulemeezi are defending champions

Kyaggwe County Elijah Bogere who works as sekiboobo finalized the appointment of the management committee a head of the 2020 Buganda Masaza Cup Head coach...

Corona virus is a blessing to Africa

After the out break, African leaders who used to go to hospital in Europe for the past months have never gone to hospital again...

James Milner describes the intensity of training sessions

James Milner has described the intensity of the training sessions implemented by Jürgen Klopp and his coaches, and revealed the mentality behind his own...

Evelyne Lagu Now Safe And Recovering Well

Singer cum actress Evelyne Nakabira alias Lagu is now safe and sound back on her feet with a good recovery after filming herself wiggling...

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