Bad news in Bobi Wine camp as Museveni announces this !.

The national unity platform president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine is yet to receive another difficult  tough moment as General Museveni declares serious war on him and his team.

General Museveni has said that he is going to use all possible means so that he makes Bobi Wine ‘s team perish and leave no man standing.

The man who claimed that he fought for freedom, injustices and killings of innocent Ugandans said that he is ready to kill everyone who will stand in solidarity with Bobi Wine and all those who praise him.

“I know all those who are backing him, I have all of them in my file, That Kyagulanyi group am going to perish it, you just wait, let them keep on praising him I will destroy them soon” General Museveni said.

He also added that Kyagulanyi has external forces who are backing him and he knows all of them but he said that the whites are the playmaker of Kyagulanyi’s plans.

Even though he said that, the National Unity platform spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi replied to him saying that for so long he has been the master of violence and so as the NUP party are not surprised with his statements.

“This is the master plan to keep abducting our supporters, jail them, kill some, etc, plus an attack on NUP leaders by the regime operatives. These tactics have been used by dictatorial regimes elsewhere in the past. Let’s keep united and continue to use all lawful means to attain our freedom” Joel Ssenyonyi said.

It seems like Mr. Yoweri is still getting sleepless nights over Bobi Wine as he thinks that he might be planning a violence way to oust him from the top sit which he has spent over 35 years while holding it.

Watch the president while saying these words.:

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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