Bad News surface Bobi Wine NUP camp

Bobi Wine is lamenting that one of his followers who was recently Kidnapped have been found, but the young man is in a terrible form right now, having suffered a lot of bodily injuries in the hands of his kidnappers. It is being allegedly that the kidnap was politically motivated, and Bobbi Wine is not happy about it. He tweeted about the situation today”

Fabian Luka was kidnapped a few weeks back and subjected to grave torture by operatives. He was dumped in Nakawa. Our welfare team has done everything to support his treatment. He passed on yesterday. The ruthlessness#WeAreRemovingADictator”

However, the supporters of President Yoweri Museveni have said that only Museveni understand how to rule Uganda, and that he is the only one that can secure their future, which he has been securing since 35 years ago, and still needs more time to secure the remaining future.

They believe that if not for president Yoweri Museveni Uganda would have been one of the most terrible countries in the world. One of Museveni’s supporters tweeted, “Ugandans have been facing such atrocities even before Kyagulanyi thought of jumping into politics, people have been killed due to land wrangles, promiscuity etc and bodies found dumped !!! Why is it that it’s now making news ? If kidnapping was a person!”

One of the main reasons why Bobi Wine has been crying out is that he believes that the Museveni is allegedly responsible for all these tortures being meted out against opposition parties, and the ruling party members are never affected. He also lamented that most of these young people are usually Kidnapped to silence them and instill fear into others.

He said that the situation is as terrible as that. Someone corroborated what Bobi Wine said and added that, “Don’t scare people, unity of purpose will defeat this uncalled brutality, no one is invincible, we learned from Mugabe’s era, when there is unity amongst the weak the oppressor submits to their cause, No one is safe even if u stay in your house for sure they will come and break your door and get u out in their military uniforms. So better stand up to this Museveni”.

The young man in Bobi Wine’s tweet have gone to the world beyond, and this is how many young Ugandans have allegedly lost their lives because of what they believed in. As this person puts it, “Honestly even if Museveni is my biological father, I would tell him, you’re a devil incarnate after seeing this! Is God watching all these happening to humans? OMG I’m so hurt!, Unfortunately those who would tell him that to his face either don’t see tweets like this, so they don’t know Or will see what’s happening but feign ignorance, or they know everything but do just not care”

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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