Bakireke Nambooze Betty exposes Diana Atwine thuggery

Bakireke Nambooze Betty Chairperson of the Government Assurance Committee- Parliament of Uganda and Mukono Member of Parliament through her official Facebook page has come out to expose Deputy Minister of Health ministry.

Dear my young Sister Diana Atwine,

I wish to salute you for the tiredlessness exhibited by you and the entire team running from the top most to the lowest civil servant in the Health sector….both private and Government owned centres for medical care.

I write this open letter to you with a heavy heart.., I try to imagine how dishonest people running the Nation’s health can be! At this rate how will  you be able to secure Uganda from the pandemic which is locking the World?

Dr Diana in less than a Week after you addressed Ugandans on the status of the Covd19 pandemic and how we are strategizing to defeat it… has been proved that either you or Businessman Katongole is telling lies about the proceeds of the fundraised resources we so painfully donated to our Nation.

There was a general sense of regret when you came out to defend your sector and questioned why Ugandans were calling you thieves ? All the reasonable members of society felt sorry for you. The way you raised this complaint seemed so innocent and honest.

A few days after,we feel highly insulted that you the Chief public servant in that docket  and the Chairman of the fundraising committee put in place by Mr.Museveni, businessman Kantongole are giving different accountabilities for the same fund! Today Mr. Katongole told us that his committee recieved 68 billions in cash and in kind contrary to the 39 billions you declared a few days ago at a press Conference.

Dr Diana during the same presser you told the Country that the funds you collected (39billions) were in the bank intact awaiting the completion of plans to build two regional hospitals in Arua and……

On the contrary Mr.Katongole has today told Ugandans that all the funds save for 5 billions had been wired to an automobile firm in Japan to procure two double cabin pick-ups for every Ugandan District at a cost of $25,000.

Mr Kantongole further informed the Nation that the balance of 5 billions is to be spent on building two blood.banks. Now Dr.Diana okyalina ky’otugamba?! (In Nubian Lee’s voice)

After this public crash over the accountability of fundraised resources,do you still wish to know why Ugandans are calling you thieves ?

Tuswadde nnyo!.

For God and my country

Bakireke Nambooze Betty

Chairperson of the Government

Assurance Committee- Parliament of Uganda.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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