Basudde ‘s song which predicted the current situation in Uganda.

The late Herman Basudde who was one of the best Ugandan Kadongo Kamu artists, before his death in 1997, he left so many interesting songs which even on today life people keep on listening to them because of the message which they carried in them.

One of the so many songs which Herman Basudde recorded over two decades back and they are still rocking on the air waves of different radio stations is the Bus Dunia song which talks about the current situation in the world.

But have you ever taken time and listen to that song of “Enimiro yokubuganga” which many believed that he recorded it when referring to one of his friends the late Livingstone Kasozi who was by then turned his back against him, but have you ever changed the message and relate it to the current situation of Uganda and how people can betray each other after getting what they want?.

The late Herman Basudde, he died on 11th June 1997, at the age of 38

If you relate this song to the two friends who helped each other to overcome the tyranny in 1980 and as soon as one got the big cake, he decided to share it with a few colleagues of him forgetting a friend who played a part in the struggle of getting the cake.

When you watch the interesting video, you will discover the hidden message in it and how it prophesied the coming of Bobi Wine. And you will discover to why he is regarded as a musical prophet

Watch how Basudde ‘s song predicted the coming of Bobi Wine in Uganda’s politics.

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Herman Basudde bagenda muzanyamu firimu.

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