Bebe Cool busted by Uganda Net Citizens on Bobi Wine family

Presidential Hopeful Bobi Wine sent his family to united states of America during last night a head of Uganda Elections.

Singer Bebe Cool and nrm staunch supporter came out to show his concern about Eddie Mutwe family by lamenting statement that led to his worst nightmares and ended with safe travels which didn’t save him from oppressed Ugandans.

Bebe Cool, “I feel bad for Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Lee’s children. As in, who will protect them while their parents are in jail.
Anyway safe travels travellers.”

Net Citizens reactions,

Maama Kwezi : He took his children away to protect them from terror. He can not put his children’s lives in danger… they didn’t ask for all this … if we were a Democratic country he wouldn’t be afraid for his children

Mr kalz: Dear Old man,

Take yours too.

Leave KYAGULANYI alone. Sigaza Obusiru bwo Olaba nenyoko was deported because of you.

Olinga na matako

Josh: Just when u think Bebe has started reasoning again, he makes another come back with a big bang. This guy’ brain is stuck somewhere.


Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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