Bebe Cool threatens to undress over this!.

Uganda’s celebrated artist the self proclaimed Big Size Bebe Cool has come out and threaten to undress if the government fails to do something about his son Alpha Ssali.

This comes after his son missing his Uganda Certificate of Education exams as him and the national team (The Hippos) were still in Mauritania in the Under 20 African Cup of the nation.

By that time, the senior four students had begun their examinations and after Alpha Ssali and the team came back from the competitions, it was already late for him to sit for the exams.

This forced the “Munene Munene” to raise his voice and attacked the ministry of education and sports for not fixing some time for his child to sit for the exams since he was on what he described as “national duty”.

While in an interview yesterday, Bebe Cool threatened to undress himself if at all the ministry fail to do something for his son.

Bebe Cool
Bebe cool’s son Ssali Alpha with the Under 20 hippos after recieving a medal in the recently concluded African cup of the nation competitions in Mauritania

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“If its undressing i will do it as long as my son sit for his exams, he was on a national duty because he was in the competition with the U-20 hippos in Mauritania and its not only him, over seven of his team mates failed to sit for their exams because of the same issue” – Bebe Cool said.

Even though its now over a week since Bebe Coll started to complain about this issue, the ministry of education and Uganda National Examination Board has failed to reply the immunized Muzukulu of President Museveni.

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