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Besigye Advises Ugandans To Leave Judgement Of The Dead To The Almighty

Dr Kizza Besigye, the leader of the People’s Front For Transition movement, has urged Ugandans to leave the judgment of the dead to God.

He said this because of the way Ugandans have been talking about the late general, Elly Tumwiine. According to him, no one has the right to judge Tumwiine whatsoever because that is only for God to do.

“I wish to encourage Ugandans to stop judging the dead. I am a believer and know that we are all descendants of Adam and so children of God. Let’s leave judgment of the dead to the Almighty.”

“I wouldn’t wish us to judge the dead, leave judgment to our God. Judging the dead who can’t defend themselves isn’t fair. God is the only judge. Because, in most cases, when people are at their weakest, they tend to return to God and some repent and regret. We commit the dead to the Almighty judge for final judgment. Let’s commit Gen. Tumwine to God,” he added.

He however said he understands the anger people feel and it is justified because of the injustice they have faced over the years.

Regardless, he says this shouldn’t in any way make people inhuman, or insensitive and cause them to lose their sense of compassion.

Besigye says he met Tumwiine while in NRA where he was working as a doctor at that time. At that time Tumwiine was a deputy commander, according to newslexpoint.


Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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