Bobi Wine Accounts hacked

Bobi Wine has just dislosed what is currently happening to official Twitter and Facebook accounts belonging to National Unity Platform (NUP). Through a post he made on Facebook, Bobi wine indicated that the accounts have been hacked as this has been happening for a couple of days. According to the NUP presidential candidate in the election that happened in January, his supporters should not fall for any fake propaganda posted from the accounts as they are trying so hard to regain full control.

Bobi Wine: “Regime operations have invested countless days trying to hack into our social media pages. Our NUP official Twitter and Facebook pages are currently compromised a and we are doing everything possible to regain full control of them. Please disregard any fake propaganda posted there. The dictator is in panic mode. He is right to be because we are not relenting. We are removing a dictator.”

This comes when the Electoral Commission of Uganda led by it’s chairperson Byabakama asked the supreme court to throw out the petition that Bobi Wine had filed against incumbent president Yoweri Tibahaburwa Museveni Kaguta election win terming it as being incompetent as it was filed out of the prescribed mandated time frame.

The Commission stressed that it acted independently in the previous elections and it wasn’t under any influence or control of Museveni or any other politician or candidate during the election period. It also added that the elections were free and fair.

What’s your take on this?

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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