Bobi Wine Celebrates Nubian Li’s son Birthday

Nubian Li is one of the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Bobi Wine campaign team members who were arrested by the Ugandan police during their campaign rally in Kalangala District on 30th December 2020.

Nubian Li

The Ugandan court however, released the other members arrested alongside Nubian Li on cash bail and the case is scheduled to be mentioned again at later date.

Nubian Li has a very young family and his first son Sankara Ali turns one year old today. This was revealed by the NUP presidential candidate Bobi Wine on his facebook page, it is very painful for a young father to celebrate his first son’s birthday under police custody.

“Today Sankara Ali, the son to my brother Nubian Li makes one year. It is so painful the father celebrates son’s birthday from prison,” Bobi Wine.

“Happy birthday son. We do what we do so that you never have to through what we are going through today. Papa will soon be free so will Uganda,” Bobi Wine stated on his verified facebook account.

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Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Bobi Young and Dan Magic who are regarded as Bobi Wine’s closest friends were charged with illegal possession of ammunition before the General Court Martial at Makindye.

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