Bobi Wine finally announces his next move.

Bobi Wine has today announced his next move after withdrawing from the supreme court where he had before taken his election petition after claiming that Mr. Museveni had rigged the 2021 general elections.

While addressing the media today, Bobi Wine said that it’s the time for the people of Uganda to fight for their freedom.

“Today am here to announce once again that we are on our own, we have brought the matter of the election petition to the people of Uganda’ – Mr Wine said

“Museveni used violence so for us we are going to use all peaceful means but very assertive, and I call upon all of you people to rise up and demostrate peacefully and unarmed’ Bobi Wine said.

He also said that basing on the Declaration forms which they have, they clearly shows that He won the 2021 elections with 54.19% although he wasn’t declared winner after the electrol commission announcing Museveni as the winner of the election.

“We are protesting for clarity, we demand Museveni to return the victory of the people of Uganda, and we demand Museveni to immediately stop presenting Ugandans to military courts’ Bobi Wine said.

However, who addressing the media, the Uganda Police chopper was hovering around the National Unity platform offices after the statement which was released yesterday by the police saying that the intelligence notified them that NUP was planning to riot.

  • Bobi Wine
  • Uganda police chopper hovering over the national Unity platform offices in Kamokya

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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