Bobi Wine makes another shocking move on President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Bobi Wine has this morning dealt a big blow to Museveni after he released a list of 243 Ugandans who have been allegedly abducted by the state.

Bobi Wine said that Museveni tried to downplay the issue of kidnappings under his orders and just like other tyrants, he tried to say that nothing happened and all is well even as Mother’s, Father’s and children are crying allover the country.

Bobi Wine added that the 243 people who have been kidnapped by the Museveni’s regime are still missing and he even urged Ugandans to continue sending them the names and details of missing person’s for verification and publishing.

There have been several cases in Uganda where those Ugandans who are allied or subscribed to Bobi Wine’s NUP party have always disappointed without trace and there have been wide believe’s and allegation’s that they were abducted by the state operatives.

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Bobi Wine full Statement:

So the other day, Gen. Museveni was on TV trying to downplay the abductions of our people by criminals on his orders. Like all tyrants before him, he tried to push the narrative that everything is well, even when mothers, fathers and siblings are in tears all over the country.

Below is a list of 243 of our people who have been kidnapped by the rogue regime, most of who are still missing. We have other hundreds of names which were sent to us, but our human rights team is still trying to verify their stories. Please continue sending us   names of missing persons via WhatsApp on Tel: +256 701458299.

Museveni and the few criminals he sends to torment citizens should rest assured that they will answer for each and every crime they continue to commit against innocent citizens.


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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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