Bobi Wine makes this Shocking move

Robert kyagulanyi Ssentamu common known as Bobi Wine and Former Presidential candidate has surprised his fan after making this following move.

Twitter fan and bobi wine die hard made a wish a day before his birthday which Bobi Wine has made dreams come true by replying to his tweet.

I wish president Kyagulanyi could wish me a happy birthday, God knows how much i’d give for that day to happen🙆🏽‍♂️

Bobi wine reply:

A very happy birthday to you @BradleyCarlvin1. Very flattered and humbled to read this and all the comments. It is the love and encouragement from comrades like you that keeps us going. Really hoping you enjoy this day and the days to come.

Other people reactions

I bet.. He cn…Did u see the Ka cake @NubianBukenAli celebrated with, in Ur Presidents presence…Hehehe…and now you think He can care…..Calvin Just go have fun…God has made u Alive above the ground another year..more yrs more blessings… feliz cumpleaños brother.🎉


Would be ok, although it’s better if he does it out of his own volition,and not because someone lobbied for it.The problem with the latter is that people will start doing the same and then taking it personal if he doesn’t come through and that’s how you end up with things like👇

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