Bobi Wine meets NUP Mps as the helicopter monitors his home.

The outgoing legislature representing Kyadondo East constituency in Uganda parliament Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert who contested in the recently concluded general elections for president has for the first time met with his member of parliament who were elected on the NUP ticket today at his home in Magere.

Bobi wine today

In the recent elections, NUP managed to win 55 sits in parliament who were voted on 14th/January this year.

Since then, the police and army surrounded the home of Bobi Wine leaving him without any movement as he together with the wife and the 18months baby were under house arrest.


Bobi Wine today

After yesterday when the court ordered the police to immediately vacate from Bobi Wine’s home, today the National Unity Platform party has organised and meet with the party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert at his home in Magere¬† to show him some of the members who managed to bring victory to the party.

Kyagulanyi congratulated them upon their victory although he did also complained that NUP would have gotten a big number than the one they got claiming that in some areas the votes rigged.

Bobi Wine today

While he was communicating, his place was under monitoring by the army using a helicopter which has been making rotations in his residence.

Bobi Wine today
Helicopter monitoring Bobi Wine’s home today

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