Bobi Wine Phonecall Kizza Besigye

This afternoon, I got a message from @HEBobiwine welcoming us from the Front launch (which we’d discussed at length).
He also expressed concern at “the senseless attacks against you and other comrades mainly on social media”.
Attacking any struggle Front is counterproductive!

Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine
Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine

Reactions from Netizens:

Wasajja: The behaviors showed by supporters of bobiwine towards u and other Ugandans are some of the reasons why some of us left the opposition. Many of us left. Happy Independence Day

Tiko: I had been part of the struggle agst NRM regime right from 1996 when I first voted giving Paul Semwogerere the only vote he got at my polling station at the age of 13. But the day tribalism,hooliganism and hate became the basis of the struggle is when I left!!🚴🚴🚴🚴

Colins : Our voice my voice!!! But Dr.did you congratulate him for winning the 14th Jan election? Ask yourself why kyagulanyi is a unique person..

John: The struggle must be led by people from all stratification, denomination, tribes. People who say that the struggle is for only young people are very wrong. Thank you @kizzabesigye1 for lighting up the fired that was almost died.

Joseph: We supported you for years….
I can’t forget 2006 where one of my elder brother fully supported your team….
Now we has president @HEBobiwine, why don’t you join the people’s party @NUP_Ug and we combine efforts to drive Museveni back to Rwakituura….???

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