Buganda has Finally addressed on National Issues

Tension as Buganda Kingdom Pin Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Government on Injustices happening in the country. This was after the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga was addressing the cabinet of Buganda on issues that hurt kabaka and Ugandans at large.

Buganda cabinet

Charles Peter Mayiga addressed the cabinet on behalf of the king who is currently in Kenya and this was his message,

“Murder that is caused by the political situation in the country

The king condemned the murderers that are done to people especially in Buganda and Uganda to take them together. He encouraged organizations that protect freedom to respect human rights.

This message is that the king gave us before the election but it seems that he sent them to the people and they are going on with actions that oppress people and destroy their lives.

When you are in a political situation this time, it has shown a lot of evidence of these scary acts:
i) what kills people. People who have been killed live during the day are just as many people as the world sees. Some were seriously knocked down by cars and others were shot.
ii) what is holding people back. Many people have been arrested in public clothes and others are in private clothes, and taken to unknown places.
iii) Putting people in the end.

Politicians and supporters of hundreds of people who were arrested during elections were jailed and others were unknown but were arrested and kept safe. What the liberals do is crime yet they have to taste the head in the preparations to protect the freedom and fight for the people’s rights.

If there are any charges against them, they should be taken to legal cities in the area. You can’t pass the law in a way that breaks the law!

Those actions that are done by the security guards have done a lot to make the people in power and their country proud as ′′ our mother Uganda ′′ and arrived to talk about it like ′′ what is Uganda “.
These actions have been abused by leaders at all levels. They make our king angry and he insults every time it happens. Remember when he opened the birthday run at the end of Musenene 2020 that he came out and asked the government to set a meeting to investigate over 50 people shooting in Kampala.

All religious leaders have shown their disobedience and how government has handled political issues in 2021. elections. Our father in God Rt. Rev. Rev.. n John Baptist Kaggwa rest in peace!

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Ugandan and foreign parties have fought war to see politics move in peace, but some of them have reached and closed as they have been involved in politics.

I encourage our people especially politicians and supporters to avoid any situation that will put your life in the danger. Many young men have gone through and left their people in the valley. I request you to be very careful in the places you travel and everyone should be safe. Avoid the situation they put you in trouble and know that all your goals will be achieved when you are alive.
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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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