Buganda Masaza Cup Champion Gomba, threatens to quit the tournament over financial limit

Gomba Ssaza stuck amidst the preparations for the new Masaza Cup season according to Kawowo sports website.

Buganda Masaza Cup record champions Gomba Ssaza are currently caught and stuck on the hard rocks with no say about the financial affairs.

The limitation of the finances has become a tough stain on their plans for the tourney.

In the Kabulasooke camp, ahead of the Saturday,12th December 2020 tournament kick-off, all players and officials had already camped.

However, chairperson of the local organising committee,Mansoor Kabugo expressed concerns to the current situation that needs urgent sensitive medicine.

” The team has been camped in Kabulasooke for now more than a month.

The players feed daily. There are lots of pending issues with players sign-on fees and some stage, the players have threatened to lay down their tools.” Noted Kabugo to KawowoSports.

Under coach Davis Nnono and technical head Felix Kawooya Ssekabuuza, the team has for the previous month been in double training sessions at the Kabulasooke PTC Core sports ground.

In spite of the financial crises, the club has had some of the build up matches played with other Masaza competitors:

A 1-0 win over Mawogola, 3-1 over Butambala and the latest 4-1 triumph against Kooki at Kabulasooke on Sunday,6th December,2020.

Gomba is fixed in Muganzirwazza group with Buddu,Ssese and Kabula Ssaza.

This group is scheduled to play on 9th January,2021 at the FUFA Technical Center,Njeru.

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The Masaza champions since 2004:

1. Gomba – ( 2004,2009,2014 and 2017).

2. Mawokota – ( 2005,2007 and 2013).

3. Bulemeezi – ( 2012, and 2019).

4. Singo – ( 2015 and 2018).

5. Buddu – ( 2016).

6. Buluuli. – (2011).

7. Kooki – ( 2006).

8. Kyadondo – ( 2008).

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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