Chosen Becky bamuziza ku zero, Facebook ye ne YouTube bibidwa!.

Mwana muwala nakinku mukukuba emiziki mu Uganda, Rebecca Kwikiriza abasinga gwebayita Chosen Becky avuddeyo nga alajaana oluvanyuma lwemikutu jje jimugatta bantu okubibwa naba nga takyasobola jikozesa.

Nakawere Chosen Becky okusinzira kububaka bweyatadde kumukutu gwe ogwa Facebook omupya oguli mumanya ga Chosen Becky Music yategezeza bwati “Hey my beloved fans.. M sorry to inform u all that my old social media handles where all hacked..kindly follow me on my new social media handles in “chosen becky MUSIC”. Here is the link to my new YouTube channel. Stay safe. Hello my people, I hope your okay during this pandemic situation we are in and am sorry to inform you that my page With a blue tick was hacked by someone I don’t know and he is still using it as chosen Becky I can’t access it anymore. But am informing all of you my fans that I have opened up a new page“- She captioned also her Facebook post.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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