“Curfew Hours Should Be Adjusted,” Says Honourable Member Of Parliament

The Kawempe North Member of Parliament,Latif Ssebagaala has said that Curfew hours should be adjusted from 9pm to 11pm or done away with.

Honourable Latif Ssebaggala while on the floor of Parliament  was quoted saying,“we are going into Ramadhan and there are special prayers conducted during the holy month and end late.”

The curfew was t enforced last year in march  as one of the measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 and was followed by the lockdown.

This is not the first time for the Ugandans to request for the changes in the curfew hours.

Last year, the curfew used to start from 7pm to 5:30am for all Ugandans .

Police officers on duty during Carfew  hours at night.
                    Police officers on duty during Curfew hours at night.

For the Mortor Cycle riders, the curfew stated at 2pm in the afternoon and because of difficulty in transporting goods including people.

The riders aired out their grievances to the government and the curfew was adjusted to 6pm for the Motorcycle riders.

Impounded motorcycles at Kampala Central Police Station.
        Impounded motorcycles at Kampala Central Police Station.The riders had failed to pay for the fines.

During this period of time, many people were to stay at home because most of the businesses were locked down except the essential workers.

Agroup of people who werearrested in Rwenzori for defying curfew guidelines on New Years day.
Agroup of people who were arrested in Rwenzori for defying curfew guidelines on New Years day.

The essential workers included the journalists, Doctors and Nurses, security officers, shopkeepers, those who work in supermarkets and those who sell Agricultural pesticides and fertilizers.

Since some  business where allowed to operate again, the curfew hour was adjusted to 9pm but Honurable Ssebaggala has requested to the adjustment of the curfew to 11pm or done away with.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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