David Lewis Rubongoya blames the government for doing this

Ugandans are being slaughtered by known groups using pangas in Masaka district in Central Uganda. This has forced some ministers to camp in masaka to find ways on how they can fight the increasing number of murders.
National Unity Platform Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya to comment on the issue through his Twitter account .
“the ‘security’ deployed in Greater Masaka during elections was deployed there as the spate of murders escalates, our people would not be dying in this manner. Speaks of the priorities of those who rule over us. As @HEBobiwine likes to say, Ugandans are on their own”.

Other People reactions:
Maganda: When people speak the truth about issues, u immediately say they are politicizing them, as a sober person how do u justify the killings
in Masaka!!
Kizito: Imagine being a Ugandan from Masaka and a fun of Arsenal. Heartbreak ku 💔.
We shall overcome M7 and Arteta .

Jackline: Very true.
The situation is so alarming.
I wonder how 10M as compensation can bring back the deceased to life and provide safety to the people.
Kavuma: Indeed UGANDANS we’re on our own
SG thanks for always standing with us the oppressed

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