David Lewis Rubongoya on Fred Kajumbi Lumbuye

We are not saying that Fred Lumbuye is a perfect person. We are not even saying that he has not made some mistakes in the course of his work. In fact, we do not necessarily agree with everything he does.

All we are saying is that he should not be handed over to a criminal regime which is well known for torturing critics!

All we are saying is that he is a known critic of the regime in Uganda and the regime has been baying for his blood. To deport him to Uganda would be to sentence him to death.

All we are saying is that he cannot get a free and fair trial in Uganda, in a system where political opponents are subjected to kangaroo military trials, held incommunicado and denied access to lawyers.

All we are saying is that if Fred Lumbuye is handed over to the regime in Kampala, that will send shock and fear within Ugandan dissidents and political activists everywhere in the world.

All we are saying is that if Turkey hands over Fred Lumbuye to Kampala, it will embolden the regime to go about hunting and hurting the hundreds of Ugandans who sought refuge in countries elsewhere.

All we are saying is that despite some flaws, Fred Lumbuye is only able to loudly criticise the regime in Uganda because he knows the fate of those who have tried to do that from home.

All we are saying is that we do not have to necessarily agree with everything you do for us to fight for your rights and freedoms. In fact, we have gone as far as fighting for the rights of those who have even persecuted us.


All we are saying is that people who run away from their countries over political disagreements must be accorded protection under international law.

In short, we are saying that if Lumbuye has committed any offences under Turkish laws, he should be tried in Turkey and not handed over to a regime which has made a name for violating the rights and freedoms of those it lays its hands on.



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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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