David Lewis Rubongoya share the following good news to Ugandans

Who remembers Segawa Ronald, the young man who was abducted, severely tortured and left for dead? A few months back when we went to see him in hospital, he was in coma unable to see, speak or even feed normally. He was in such a bad state, you could hardly tell he would live again. That is when his mother told us that when his captors were done with him, they dumped him at a mortuary believing he was dead.

Bobi Wine visit to Segawa

His finger nails had been plucked out, his tongue cut, the back severely burnt and his head seriously beaten. It has been a miracle seeing Segawa improve overtime. Today, he is much better, much stronger and back to work.

I cannot thank enough the medical team which gave him the best healthcare as well as all Ugandans here and abroad who contributed to his treatment. Grateful to comrade #NusifaNakato who did everything in her power to assist him.

Above all, I thank God for giving him another chance at life. If only you saw him some months back, you would appreciate that his being alive today is a miracle. May God grant that one day, justice will be served on those who do unspeakable things upon fellow citizens.

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