Diamond Platinumz Dropped Out of School And Lived In A Slum, See His Wealth

Diamond Platnumz is now arguably the richest musician in East Africa. His successful career has earned him a lot of fame and wealth. He has also hit the international level and done music with global artists. These are some of the things he owns that place him on top of other musicians in East Africa.


Diamond Platnumz

1. He owns his own record label known as WCB Wasafi. This is the biggest record label in E. Africa with the most played and successful artists in Africa.

2. He has his own media company that consist of a TV and Radio station known as Wasafi TV and Radio FM. These are the fastest growing stations in Tanzania loved by many youths.

3. Diamond owns a film production company known as Zoom extra. This company directs and shoots all of his label artist music videos and its also available for hire. This business generates a lot of income to him.


Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

4. He had his own scents business named “Chibu perfumes.” He is among the most paid artists charging over $70K per show. He receives a lot of money from endorsements including sports betting companies and favorite drinks such as Pepsi.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz


Diamond has broken the record by reaching over a billion views on his YouTube channel. He is the only artist in sub East Africa to hit this big achievement. Diamond is said to have come from a very poor background growing in one of the slums in Dar es Salaam known as Tandale. He was a school dropout but worked very hard to achieve all this.

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