Diamond Platnumz openly professes love for ex wife Zari Hassan

– Diamond shared a video of Zari and Tiffah dancing to his new song Waah and revealed how much he loves the two

– His confession came barely three months after Zari visited Tanzania where they spent quality times alongside their son and daughter

– Some people felt Diamond crossed the line by calling Zari his ”heart”

There has always been this ”stereotype” that parents do not really break up but only take breaks.

Well, it could wrong or true but Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz recently proved the latter after openly professing his love and affection for ex-wife Zari Hassan.

The singer his Instagram account recently confirmed he still has the hots for the Ugandan socialite even years after parting ways.

[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]
[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]
It should be noted Diamond recently dropped a mega hit song dubbed Waah in which he featured Koffi Olomide.

Since the song is still on trending, many of his fans have been sending him videos of themselves dancing to Waah as they joined an online challenge for the same.

On Tuesday, December 15, Diamond shared a video of his ex wife Zari and his daughter Tiffah jamming to Waah while in their kitchen in South Africa.

Tiffah can be seen working on something on the kitchen counter as her mother shook her leg to Diamond’s Waah.

The video touched the musician who could not help but express his true feeling by revealing how much he loves and values the two.

Diamond clearly proclaimed that Zari and Tiffah are his hearts, to mean he really loves them to the core.

Well, many of his fans were impressed and camped on the comments section to pamper the two with love.

Some, however, probably his critics wondered why he was publicly confessing love to his ex lover, terming it a wrong move.

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Diamond’s romantic move came barely three months after Zari, Tiffah and the singer’s son Nillan visited the singer in Tanzania.

Following hints Diamond’s children were going to travel to Tanzania, many people never hoped to see Zari tagging along but she did, in a move that left many with unanswered questions.

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Many held the socialite should have send someone to take her kids to TZ and not have traveled herself.


Some even insinuated the two were warming up to a reunion judging by the many cute family photos they took during Zari’s visit to TZ.

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