Diamond Platnumz uses black Magic, Babu Tale

There was drama in Tanzania National Assembly when MP Hamisi Taletale alias Babu Tale was addressing the house.

Diamond Platinumz

Babu Tale who is also Diamond Platnumz’s manager was addressing the issues that entertainers face, and why some are forced to turn to black magic to solve some problems.

Babu Tale noted that since Tanzania does not have any Sports Arena for entertainers, rain has been forcing them to put off and even cancel their shows after spending resources promoting them.

Some are forced to turn to the use of black magic to stop the rain for their shows to go on.

He said he has been leading in contacting and contracting old men from his village in Morogoro, who have the powers that rebel rain.

Babu Tale has since urged the government to come up with plans of constructing an arena that will meet entertainers’ demands.

“Tunaofanya burudani za viwanjani tumekuwa tukipigia sana simu Babu zetu vijijini wazuie mvua, katika hotuba ya Waziri sijaona akisema ujenzi wa Sports Arena, hakuna msanii asiyejua kama mimi ndiyo naongoza kufunga mvua, Waziri naomba unipunguzie hii kazi,” said Babu Tale which loosely translates to

(For us who entertain in the open fields we have been contacting our grandparents back in the village to stop the rain, I have not heard the Minister talk about building a Sports Arena in his speech, there is no any entertainer who does not know I lead in stopping rain, I am urging the minister to help me solve this issue)

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