Doreen Kabareebe celebrated body positivity with her strong, beautiful Body over the weekend

Ever since entering the fashion industry, Doreen Kabareebe has become a poster girl for body positivity – and that hasn’t changed since she came back from Dubai earlier this year. The model, who is virgin, shared a half naked image to her Instagram account over the weekend which celebrated her “big, strong, beautiful body”.

Doreen Kabareebe

Doreen Kabareebe shared a a photo , where she was posing half naked, with the caption: “People who love themselves don’t go throwing negative comments about other people.”

In the comments section, she interacted with a fan, who said: “When they see your katoone”

Doreen responded with: “obuzibu obusanze wa obaade oyagala kalya?.”

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Later, the model also shared a photograph of herself which was taken the same day, where she was covering just her private part. In the post, she quoted “You are not pushing if you are doing something that you love.You are simply enjoying the moment…”

Doreen Kabareebe has never been one to shy away from sharing pictures of her body, celebrating the changes that took place during and after her modeling life, and consistently putting out a positive message regarding women’s bodies, something which fans have praised her for.

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