Drama As Angella Katatumba may soon start to cook and wash dishes.

Ugandan Singer Angella Katumba commonly known for her charity Programs and showbiz may fate turn against her words that she recently communicated during interviews on television.

Angela Katatumba

“I can’t lie to you I don’t know anything about cooking, mopping the house and washing clothes. For us our parents always hired chefs, maids, cleaners so I don’t know anything concerning house work,” Angella said.

“My father taught me how to hustle, to go out there and look for money so I am like a man. We cannot both be out there looking for money and then you also expect me to get back home and cook for you. Does it make sense?,” she added.

Angela Katatumba and Father Boniface Katatumba
Angela Katatumba and Father Boniface Katatumba

Things may turn around after her brother Rugwirwa Katatumba was yesterday remanded for failing to clear a loan of sh240m he took from money lenders. The question is, did the late Boniface Katatumba never taught Rugwirwa to make money and employ servants to work for him?

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