Drama as Bobi Wine tricks Museveni again.

Museveni will never rest if he is still in the same world with the Kyadondo East out-going Member of Parliament Bobi Wine, who always tricks him with different tactics mainly using psychology to fight his 35 years regime.

This comes after Bobi Wine’s move to address the nation today in the same time with President Museveni who is also set to address the public on National matters.

Bobi Wine sometimes back while addressing the media at his home

The last time when Bobi Wine revealed he was to address the nation via his Facebook page, the state sabotaged the network and hence frustrating his communication.

Following this, Bobi Wine who had made plans of addressing the nation on Friday re-scheduled his communication today in the same time with Museveni and hence tricking him.

The last time when Museveni planned to address the nation, Bobi Wine also posted that he will address the people too via his page and this frustrated Museveni’s communication hence cancelling it.

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The state thinks that if Bobi Wine go on with addressing the people, it will help him to mobilize the people to join the peaceful protest.

It seems like it’s not yet over for these two as they both have one intention of owning the top sit of the country. It’s on record that the two went head-to-head in the recently concluded general elections and Museveni was declared winner by the Electro Commission a move which Bobi Wine never agreed with till today.

You can give us your thoughts will Museveni again cancel his address or he is going to go into it with his strong competitor.

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How Museveni’s tactics can lead Bobi Wine to state house.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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