Drama as NBS Samson Kasumba being blasted by His OB Gregory Olinga over Bobi Wine

Gregory Olinga who attended lessons with Samson Kasumba in the same school has penned down a rant letter, advising the NBS TV journalist not to question Bobi’s leadership qualities.

Samson Kasumba
Samson Kasumba

By Gregory olinga to Kasumba

By Gregory Olinga

To Kasumba my friend and brother   Reading the statement you gave about Bobi makes sad reading.

Look to say Bobi Wine does not have content is one thing and to say he can’t be a leader is another. You and I  have something in common.  We both went to school to memorize Hebrew and Greek and maybe did other courses after that. Just maybe. Atleast I know I have studied other things as well.  You work for a media company and I worked for the biggest media house in Zambia.

Samson Kasumba
Samson Kasumba

To say the least and by all standards you and I are highly educated no one can take that away.  But unfortunately that does not make you and I good leaders.  It just brings out unnecessary arrogance and braggadocios.  The only thing education has done to you and I is to become very good employees if not vagabonds eating from our masters crumbs.


Bobi Wine is a leader while you and I are bootlickers. You only know a leader by the humbleness they  possess to organize people.  The people have led us are least educated but their wisdom makes us work for them with all our papers.  Your education and miñe combined can never match the wisdom and strength that Bobi possesses

Please ton down Bobi will eventually be your president and I expect u to be humble enough to support him. If this election was not stollen by now you would have had a different time.

Good day brother. Please I know u can do better.

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