Drama as Supreme Court Judges in Bobi Wine Petition once worked for President Museveni

Bobi Wine had today held a press conference to talk for the first time about the possible to Interference of the outcome of the presidential election petition that he filed in the Ugandas Supreme Court and he talked of this during a press briefing this Tuesday.

Bobi Wine

There was a meeting that was held between the Chief Justice and the president Museveni and Bobi Wine highlighted that the CJ was a long time friend of Museveni and that he was Museveni’s lawyer in the 2007 election petition.

He added that the two had very much close relationships and when they met, the CJ told him that he expected him to do something on his capacity as the president.

Bobi Wine added that this now confirms that the election petition outcome had already been predetermined before the rulling and that it’s a confirmation that the supreme has no independence as it’s and asset of Museveni.

He also complained that the supreme court blocked them from filling their election Petition on a Saturday while Museveni’s NRM wa allowed to file their response on a Saturday.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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