Drama As Ugandans attacks European union over Uganda Elections

Ugandan citizens have taken to their different social media accounts to express their fears and anger after the European Union claimed that they were impressed with the ongoing elections in Uganda

Case File
According to the reports given by the European Union spokesperson, he claimed that they were impressed by the way in which things were being handled in Uganda where he went and added that it was actually tuning out better than expected.

Further reports gotten from the man revealed that he along with the members of the European union were closely monitoring the proceedings in Uganda which according them was so far good with no irregularities.

They went ahead and applauded the current president Yoweri Museveni for maintaining peace and order adding that this was actual thing that impressed them the most.

Ugandans Reactions
However, this seemingly innocent compliment has received alot of mixed reactions from Ugandans who seemed to have been disappointed by the European Union.

With a section of Ugandans claiming that it was good for them to observe it, others went ahead and called them out for standing by and watching Bobi Wine’s house being surrounded by soldiers without saying a thing.

Bobby Kyangumara – Please keep your opinions to yourselfs because here in Uganda we don’t need or care about anything you say.

Peter Kerungo – I can’t believe they are saying this especially after what happened to Bobi Wine like is everyone in the European union blind to the happenings in Uganda or what.

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Yuma Hassan – Thank you for showing that you actually care about our country because president Museveni is so far the best president one could ask for.

Pauline Lurabi – What, impressed by all the election irregularities happening in Uganda or what are you talking about, useless union please it’s us who know what we are going through so jut shut up and mind your nus.

Peter Puyamalo – I actually knew it, Museveni was going to win whether he had two or ten million votes he is the president after all ad knows his way inside the government.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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