Eddy Yawe attacks Bebe Cool on this action

Singer Eddy Yawe While appearing on YouTuber MC Ibrah’s channel  was asked about how he generates the money to afford affluence. He argued that he went to Makerere University when it was heaven and then managed to secure a scholarship to the Netherlands where only two out of 600 people succeeded.

Dream Studios was his first project upon his return but did it give him all the wealth? He argued that he cannot reveal his source of wealth because of competition.

“I don’t have a lot but it looks like I do. Also, not every business is mentioned because of the competition. Especially because not everyone is happy. Many successful people don’t blow their trumpet but we have artistes that buy a phone and post it on social media,” he said while referring to what Gagamel Boss big Size did sometime back after buying Samsung S10

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Bebe Cool
Wen Bebe Cool posted his new phone
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