European Union will not be involved in the observation of Uganda elections

One thing that you need to note in these elections is that the European Union will not be involved in the observation of the elections. This is because their applications and recommendations had earlier been declined by the Ugandan Authorities. Whoever comes out as the winner will be upon the citizens of Uganda.

It seems that Ugandans are having the most difficult time in the history of the nation. There has been arrests, disruption of political rallies and many more military occurrences that have left the country in fear. In that case therefore, there might or might not be change in the country’s top leadership.

The two major candidates in this case are President Museveni and Bobi Wine who is a Pop Star. President Museveni came to power in 1986 when Bobi Wine was such a small boy of less than ten years. A large percentage of the youths in Uganda were not yet born and therefore have not tasted any other leadership apart from that of President Museveni. Bobi Wine has come out with ambitions of changing the country’s leadership that has been under one person in the last 35 years.

Before I list the names of Presidential candidates, Let me list down a few things you need to know about Uganda’s elections. Number one thing is that the elections usually take place after every 5 years. This means whoever will be voted in as the next President will lead the country up to 2026. Another very important thing to note is that elections only takes one day and the polling stations are always ready by 7 am. This means by 7 am, citizens will be casting their votes. The following day, the winners will be announced by the electoral commission of Uganda.

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The Presidential candidates need to have at least 50 per cent of the votes in order to be the winner. If this is not realized then automatically there will be a run off elections. This is however unlikely to happen in Uganda. The constitution also demands that a Presidential Candidate should also qualify to be an MP. This means that he should be a Ugandan Citizen by birth. In that connection therefore, below are the 11 candidates:

1. Yoweri Museveni-NRM

2. Bobi Wine- National Unity Platform

3. John Katumba- Independent

4. Willy Mayambala- Independent

5. Fred Mwesigye- Independent

6. Hentry Tumukunde- Independent

7. Joseph Kabuleta — Independent

8. Nancy Kalembe- Independent

9. Partrick Oboi Amuriat- Forum for Democratic Change.

10. Mugisha Muntu- Alliance for National Transformation

11. Norbert Mao- Democratic Party.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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