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Former Mulago Referral hospital Don back in Limelight Again

MPs on the public accounts committee have recommended that Dr Baterana Byarugaba the former Mulago Referral hospital executive director be investigated and prosecuted over alleged loss of funds that were meant for payment of interns and senior House officers.

However during the 2020/21 report, according to the auditor general John Muwaga had noted  that Mulago referral hospital had received a transfer of Shs 3.86 billion from the ministry of health that was neither recognized in the statement of financial performance nor reported in the financial statement.

However during a long interaction with officials from the hospital, Baterana admitted that that they hadn’t recognized, treated and disclosed the amount in question received from another vote in their statement of financial performance Sseggona reported.

Sseggona further laments that non recognition of transfers of funds that had been received from other votes is non – accountable and could result into misappropriation of public funds and is accordingly suspicious.

In addition the committee further observed that the accounting officer and his team didn’t provide accountability for the Shs 3.867 billion which which had been allocated for payment of interns and senior house officers.

Sseggona further stated that the committee required having electronic financial transfers that could account for the money but only received that relating to different financial years outside the scope of this inquiry.

This however came to a conclusion by the committee and observed that the sum of 3.867 billion wasn’t satisfactory accounted for following the account in the name of Mulago Infrastructure Development which had been opened to receive money for the payment of interns and senior head officers was irregular and susceptible to abuse of office.

The committee further concluded that Baterana be held accountable for another loss of Shs 234.91m which still remains in accountable for and must be refunded to the treasury.

Earlier Baterana had been arrested by statehouse health monitoring unit for crimes committed in the last four years that saw a misappropriation of Shs 28billion putting Mulango on scrutiny following numerous complaints from the public about the services and management.

However preliminary findings by statehouse health monitoring unit that begun April last year revealed a number of inconsistencies and fraudulent accounting in four areas including finances ,equipment repairs and maintenance, procurement of medicines and other medical supplies.

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