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Raw as former vision group CEO exchange bitter with Former NBS TV journalist Over  Nyege Nyege festival

Speaker Anita Among’s mouth piece and former Nbs tv journalist Joseph Sabit has attacked former Vision group CEO Robert Kabushega for attacking parliament over its condemnation of the Nyege Nyege festival due to take place next week.

Yesterday mp’s led by Anita Among had an emotional debate were they requested the event to be banned completely so as to protect the morality of the young people.

Sabit appears to have been angered by Kabusenga’ s tweet that compared parliament to a five year cycle of Nyege Nyege which has lost its moral compass.

Kabushega also tweeted saying that parliament shouldn’t stop ordinary folks from making money.

All this brought a bitter reaction as Sabit tweeted back to Robert Kabushega attacking him how he felt like enjoying the luxury rides and all the inflated  privileges that come with Kabushega being the CEO of an entity founded by the tax payer for all those years.

In a bitter response Kabushega tweeted back and in his response he said “ its common knowledge that parliament is itself a Nyege Nyege festival that runs in five year circles using taxes to irregularly buy ultra benzes at inflated prices while denying ordinary folks an opportunity to earn a little money from an event referring it as a moral hazard.”

Sabit responded back to Kabushega noting that he should just keep quite since for all those years as the CEO of vision group he lived a life of luxury at the expense of taxpayers.

This drove Kabushega mad and in bitter response told Sabit to keep quite especially when elders are talking a statement which was in appropriate which some deemed condescending.

Some people however supported Kabushega’s view adding that the conduct of MPs in many situations couldn’t be used as a yard stick for morality.

Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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