Fred Kajumbi Lumbuya arrested or kidnapped, Truth is here

Lumbuye is based in Turkey and has consistently been an anti-government blogger. He commands a huge following and viewership, and has lately taken the cyber waves by storm. His characteristically acerbic live shows seem to whip up anti-government mood and sentiments across a section of the public who religiously listen to him.

Fred Kajumbi Lumbuya went missing and it’s now making a month since he disappeared and nobody is where of his whereabouts.

Fred Kajumbi Lumbuya a well known Anti Museveni and Political Vlogger disappearance has caused intentions as some people think that the man may be dead by now.

It was believed at first that Fred was arrested by the Turkish police for the continously attacks on the regime in Uganda and it was expected that he was to be handed Over to the Uganda authorities.It is extremely unlikely that any formal Turkish action would lead to return Mr Lumbuye to Uganda given the internationally well-publicized human rights record of the current Ugandan regime under president Museveni, even if extradition was justified.

But now some sources believe that Fred Kajumbi Lumbuya was just kidnapped by the mafias sponsored by President Museveni mafias.

Some reports say Lumbuye was arrested from the Uganda embassy where he had supposedly gone to renew his passport yet others say he was picked from his apartment.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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