Fred Kajumbi Lumbuya whereabouts revealed

Fred Kajumbi Lumbuye is based in Turkey and has consistently been an anti-government blogger. He commands a huge following and viewership, and has lately taken the cyber waves by storm. His characteristically acerbic live shows seem to whip up anti-government mood and sentiments across a section of the public who religiously listen to him.

For the past month Fred has been missing and different stories have been created as some people suspect that Fred Kajumbi Lumbuye was kidnapped by Mafias but the minister of foreign affairs has confirmed that they have the renowned blogger under their custody.

Oryem in a Wednesday media interview admitted that Lumbuye is in custody of Uganda security officials and shall be extradited to face the law. “We have arrested Lumbuye to pay for his crimes. There is no debate about this.

Let him face the law,” Minister Oryem says. “We are going to use him as an example to others who misuse social media. We worked with interpol to institute this arrest and therefore it’s lawful,” the Minister adds.

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Frank Fremer is a seasoned journalist, blogger and political analyst for over a decade in Uganda

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