Funny as Busega Police arrested a victim and free the thieves.

People in Busega yesterday were shocked after the police arrested the victim and set the thieves free.

This came after the two thieves who were trying to still a motorcycle near the Busega market and following the people’s alarm which was made, they decided to take off although they were overpowered by the angry people who were chasing them.

They later fall and got stuck in the trench which is opposite Petrol city and the angry people decided to apply mob justice to them as they cried pleading for help although no one was listening to their pleading.

Thieves falling into the trench as the crowds surrounds them

And that was when unidentified man who was very angry at them decided to box each one seriously, he used big sticks, heavy stones and all things of that nature which made the thieves to start bleeding.

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When the police came after some good time, they first arrested the two thieves and hence saving their lives from the angry people. The traffic officer told the police to arrest the man who acted so cruel to them. Although he took off immediately after the command, the police chased him and caught him, the three were taken to the police station although information was later linked that the police had freed the two thieves after the gentlemen’s talk between them and the police, but the other man was forced to remain behind bars and he will be taken to court and be charged for attempted murder.

The man in red head sock who was later arrested together with the thieves

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